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In memory of Alice Dean Daniel, former Executive Director, Board President, Board Treasurer, and various other positions within the organization, Friends of the Children of West Hawaii is proud to provide children in need in West Hawaii clothing through "Alice's Closet".

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If you or someone you know have need of clothing for children, please complete the form below. Upon your submission you will be added to the cue; Friends of the Children of West Hawaii does our best to respond to requests in the order they are submitted as quickly as we can.

Please understand that as our available clothing is based on donations, we cannot always guarantee availability of all sizes. Should we be unable to fulfill a request you will be notified by email. Should a request not be filled it will be held for up to six months in hopes of being fulfilled by an incoming donation. After six months requests will be canceled.

As of August 19, 2020 we have a surplus of clothing in the following sizes:

Newborn through 24 Months

Children's Size 8

Children's Size 9

Children's Size 10

Children's Size 11

Children's Size 12

Children's Size 13

Children's Size 14

We also have a limited supply of children's shoes, as well as cold weather clothing.

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