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The most effective programs for children and youth are those in which the participants have a vested interest. With this in mind Friends of the Children of West Hawaii has established the Youth Leadership Alliance. This program is designed based on nationally recognized models for leadership, entrepreneurial, team building, and management instruction and is implemented through multiple components.

Component 1: Structured Leadership and Entrepreneurial Instruction

The first part of the Youth Leadership Alliance is structured instruction providing participants with skills in business management, team-work, financial management, leadership, and parliamentary procedure. These lessons are based on evidence based programs using nationally recognized curricula in hands on lessons and activities.

Component 2: Self Governance

Those youth who have completed the necessary instruction from component 1 are then empowered to work together and lead the Youth Leadership Alliance by forming the YLA Advisory Committee. This committee oversees the activities of the Youth Leadership Alliance, manages the program's operations, and reports to the Friends of the Children of West Hawaii Board of Directors on the ongoing activities of the Youth Leadership Alliance. The advisory committee is responsible for collaborating with Friends of the Children of West Hawaii staff to plan and implement enrichment programs and community activities under the Youth Leadership Alliance. Committee members also serve as mentors and instructors to younger and/or less experienced members of the Youth Leadership Alliance.

Component 3: Enrichment and Community Activities

Whether or not youth choose to serve on the YLA Advisory Committee, all members of the Youth Leadership Alliance are invited and encouraged to take part in the enrichment programs and activities put together by the advisory committee. What do these programs and activities include? Enrichment programs are currently under development. The YLA hopes to soon establish:

Musical Theatre Exploration and Production

Physical Fitness and Teamwork Through Dance

Dueling Diners - a culinary education challenge

The Environmental Ambassadors

After School Enrichment

These programs are in the works based on the interest of current participants of the Youth Leadership Alliance, however new programs are constantly being considered based on funding requirements from grant funders, community need, and the ever evolving interests of the Youth Leadership Alliance members. Future programs could easily include web and graphic design, video production, robotics, arts lessons, agricultural activities and more!

The Youth Leadership Alliance is also responsible for working with Friends of the Children of West Hawaii management and leadership in holding community events such as

School Supply Drive and Collection

Family Fun Days

Community Outreach

Veteran Recognition Events

Community Awareness and Education Events

Public Meetings and Community Forums

In order to accommodate participants from various regions of the island, many activities of the Youth Leadership Alliance are conducted online through the use of Google For Non-Profits apps, including gmail, google hangouts, google video chat, and more. Any students in grades 6 through 12 living on the Big Island of Hawaii are welcome to join the Youth Leadership Alliance. 

Interested in joining? Click the link below now!


"No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it."

- Andrew Carnegie

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